We believe WordPress Professionals should be able to produce quality work independent of the amount of time they spend at their desks.

WP:inline is a fully distributed team passionate about creating a tool that allows other freelancers and web agencies to also enjoy more free time ー without sacrificing quality work or clients. We’re so into living this type of culture, that we have our team distributed across 6 countries ー every one of them producing quality work from wherever they want to. And yes, without spending hours at their desks.

Knowing that freelancers and web agencies can produce quality work in less time is what makes us happy. We know what it’s like to have to balance your own time and a client’s budget against your desire to provide great quality and make the client happy. We’ve studied and collected examples of dozens of useless repetitive steps that take time but don’t add value in the WordPress project space. We’ve eliminated as many of them as we can and automated them into one tool called WP:inline.

We’ve got two huge goals with WP:inline. 1) Help you get your projects done with a high level of client satisfaction. 2) Get you to spend more time doing the things you love, away from your desk.

To start, we conceptualized a whole lot, built many solutions that absolutely failed, got it right, made it even better, and went through an entire rebranding process. A little over a year later, and here we are, now available to you. The first WordPress visual feedback tool that both your clients and teams can use to collaborate.

If you are anything like us and enjoy spending time with friends, family or just relaxing away from your computer, then WP:inline is a great way to wiz through your tasks with sacrificing quality or client satisfaction. We hope it means as much for your life, projects and career as it does for ours.

We’re excited to see where this takes you. It has taken us all over the world.


WP:inline is created by Loving Cup Productions, Ltd., an international software development company based in Denver, Colorado.